Anonymous Browsers: Top Anonymous Browsers That Will Protect Your Privacy


Google Chrome and Internet explorer are famous browsers throughout the world.Till date majority of the internet users use these brands. But is it secure and private for the users.User information cant be trusted on the servers of Chrome and IE .

Certain organizations like Chrome,Safari and IE have it in their business model to use client data for targeted advertising.Now that’s a privacy related issue which the above mentioned organizations tend to have. But security wise they are pretty secure. But these organization tend to sell your data to law enforcement agencies which is unethical and a privacy flaw.

In the browser industry we have organization that prioritize privacy. The top anonymous browser on the world wide web are listed below.

Top anonymous browsers that will Protect your privacy

Tor Browser

The Tor browser was developed in 2002 by the Tor Project team. Tor gives a secure anonymous access to its users to the Tor network. Anonymity is the key feature of the Tor browser.

From the first hop till the end of your browsing session  your identity is masked and kept private.There are various servers throughout the world of Tor.


  • Open Source
  • Prompt security updates
  • Cross Platform availability
  • Automated Data encryption


Brave Browser

A new entrant in the browser privacy world. Brave was founded by Brenden Eich, The person who created Java Script in 2016. It is a open source browser.Brave mainly focuses on user privacy and security.It also has a embedded Ad-blocker.

The main key feature of Brave is that it is super light and fast.It comes with a in-built script blocker and a anti-tracking feature.In December 2018 Brave completely transitioned on the chromium code base making it easier for chrome users to shift there chrome extensions onto Brave.

You can even activate a feature that when a user closes the browser all data is deleted automatically.


  • Ad-Blocker
  • Script Blocker
  • Anti-tracking
  • Open Source

Epic Browser

The Browser focuses mainly on users identity protection and privacy. The mainframe that epic uses is of chrome or Chromium. Just the way Tor uses the mainframe technology of Firefox.Epic has the identical incognito window option.

As we know that the incognito mode is concerned with generating the most safest and most private connection possible for the user between the web services or a between a certain platform.

The browser also has a Ad blocker, Anti-tracking,and anti crypto mining features embedded in it.The other main key feature that it has is a free VPN network privacy network with servers in 8 countries across the globe.


  • No error reports
  • Anti-tracking
  • Automatic translation option is not available
  • No automated updates


SRWare Iron Browser

The browser is a open source free browser. The code it uses is of chromium.Its been over ten years that it has been released.It is developed by a German organization called SRWare. First of all the browser focuses on user privacy and data security.The browser has made a mark in the user privacy world.The browser is downloaded is free and is available cross platform.


  • Doesn’t have a installation ID
  • Anti tracking of what so ever is downloaded through the browser
  • Customization of user agent


The browser is said to be in the privacy and security platforms from a longtime. Firefox keep’s user privacy as their utmost priority.Mozilla has been known for its light weight and quick responsive browser platform.

The browser is developed by Mozilla which is a non profit organization.It has a annual revenue worth of $400 million approximately.

The new feature that Firefox has added in its browser is that every tab has its own end to end encryption. Each tab is a self contained sandbox.The other feature that this browser has is anti-tracking policy in its browser. But the main thing about Firefox is that you can add extensions and with those you can get a complete anonymous browser.With a anonymous browser you are safe from cyber attacks and privacy issues.


  • Frequent updates
  • Open Source
  • Anti Tracking



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