DDOS hire services are getting shut down and the users of DDOS services are in trouble as Europol Cracks Down on them


In April 2018 law enforcement agency Europol and its LEA’s partners took down and seized a website, one of the most famous “booter” sites involved in DDOS attacks (Denial of Service Attacks). The website is webstresser.org It has claimed to have done more than a million DDOS attacks.

Now Europol has decided to track down large number of users of webstresser.org which were involved in criminal attacks against banking, gaming institutes and government organizations.

The law enforcement agencies that are performing the operations are from the following countries

United States

United Kingdom

European states

The name of the operation against webstresser was called “Operation Power House”. The crack down on the users is mostly the same LEA that were in Operation Power House. On Monday EuroPol gave a report that webstresser had more than 151K registered users which were used to perform DDOS attacks on websites for blackmailing purposes. The cost of using webstresser services was €15 per month.

Around 250 users of webstresser and users that were using other DDOS services will face prosecution for the losses they have given to multiple organizations across the globe.

Europol stated

“Size does not matter — all levels of users are under the radar of law enforcement, be it a gamer booting out the competition out of a game, or a high-level hacker carrying out DDoS attacks against commercial targets for financial gain,”

The latest crackdown was last month when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Romanian police closed down more than 12 websites that were providing DDOS services. In United Kingdom multiple users of webstresser have been visited by the local law enforcement agencies at their residence.

Certain countries are focusing their efforts on users that were using services of Webstresser.org. While states are taking serious action against users that are using services of Booter sites and stresser sites.

Europol states”The Romanian police has taken measures against the administrators of 2 smaller-scale DDoS platforms and has seized digital evidence, including information about the users.”& stated aswell “To this effect, the FBI seized last December 15 other DDoS-for-hire websites, including the relatively well known Downthem and Quantum Stresser,”

The Websites that were closed last month because of DDOS services were the following:
















The users of these websites are all in process or are going to be prosecuted by law.


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