FACETIME major flaw anyone can listen in on your iPhone


A new flaw just came up with the apple’s famous video call application FACETIME. That anyone can listen in on a receiver’s iPhone. Even if the person has not attended his FACETIME call even. According to multiple sources have said that the bug does exists.

The bug permits the caller who calls someone else who is using a Iphone FACETIME enabled handset or mac machine. Will be able to hear the sound from the iPhone or Mac of the individual they’re trying to call by adding yourself to the call. Here’s the way 9 to 5 Mac, one of the main productions to report and duplicate the bug, clarified it.

  • Start a FACETIME Video call with a contact
  • As the call is dialing swipe up and click on the “ADD PERSON” button
  • Manually enter your own cell number in the ADD PERSON screen
  • You will then start a group FaceTime call including yourself and the audio of the person you originally called, even if they haven’t accepted the call yet.
Massive FaceTime flaw A video by Brandon Butch

Apple told Buzzefeed that it is working on the issue and will have a fix later this week. For now Apple iPhone users should disable the application from going into “setting” and then scroll down to “FACETIME” and open the menu of Facetime and disable it.

Go into Settings
Click on the button to disable it

For now keep “FACETIME” disable till you don’t get a update from APPLE . But certain reports are being given the issue has already been solved by the company.


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