Vehicles are becoming day by day coming under the control of digital technology that are controlling vehicles functions from analog to digital. But manufacturers say that people shouldn’t worry about cars being hacked by hackers and controlled by them. But Cybersecurity analyst don’t agree to this statement.

As technology increases day by day in vehicles. To make life easier, the fear of a cars being hacked does exist. For instance in kali Linux an application exists called Karak that has the ability to detect the signals of a vehicles locking and unlocking pattern through its radio frequency. By using a simple RTL SDR software. In 2014 Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek shocked the car industry by how easily they could hack a vehicle. The gentlemen could control the vehicles air conditioning, windscreen wipers and even the accelerator.

The matter of fact is that for vehicle hacking the equipment is very expensive and needs clever skills. If a hacker can enter one car this means he can hack a whole range of vehicles because all have the same components and chips. This can have fatal consequences to both the organization and users of the vehicle. It can lead to a dangerous terrorist activity which can cause multiple fatalities. If a hacker passes one command that apply brakes of all the vehicles in the current location.  These days vehicles are depending on networks. Let’s take an example of Tesla a well renowned car maker that is known for making electric vehicles. The vehicles correspond with each other through satellites. But if the satellites signals are intercepted and coded and decoded it can mean all the vehicles that are corresponding on that signal wave length can be affected.

A representative of Continental vehicle manufacture Mr Roemmle states that till 2025 all vehicles will be networked vehicles that will be corresponding with their command and control or other vehicles through a network.

This is how blackberry has already started to work on vehicle to vehicle communication in a secure way. The vehicles should be able to communicate with its surroundings for instance with traffic lights , other vehicles in a secure manner.

Cyber criminals are finding other ways to interfere with the data that vehicles exchange data with the central control system. “Every single device must be safe,” says Roemmle. To avoid the nightmare scenario of having an entire fleet shut down because of hackers, Roemmle says Continental is “taking steps”.

Volkswagen believes this is a ticking time bomb that hackers will hack vehicles. VW is taking all the necessary steps to secure its vehicles from a cyber breach. Trend Micro reports that the biggest weakness is Cloud security which has the most vulnerabilities.

Miller and Valasek in 2014 that demonstrated would not be possible for now but it will eventually take place. But it is, and will continue to be, a constant battle over who has the technological upper hand.


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